The Fleet

Our fleet includes nine own articulated lorries, with new tractors and 12 FST drivers that move versed in Scandinavia traffic. They are distinguished by their reliability and are in constant contact with our office.

To support this team, we have parallel solid entrepreneurs who assist with additional vehicles and equipment identical to our fleet.

The vehicles are equipped with the latest technology. The trucks are possible tracking us through Dynafleet, which means that we will be shown on a map the exact location of the truck ' s . A permanent telephone contact with our drivers also applies to us as self-evident.

The advantage for the customer is to have no annoying wait times for queries - he can immediately get the information where the vehicle and thus the goods, are currently located.

We guarantee this by high vehicle density daily departures to and from Scandinavia , short lead times and the best service for the supplier and the consignee.

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